As the 15s season kicked off this weekend, there has been concerns raised over some rules surrounding the Community League and as well as the plans for the rest of the season. While the plans have been circulated to all clubs, we do understand that not everyone has access to the message. As such, the following are objectives of each of the men leagues we are running this season.

Premiership (Nov to Mar)

The Premiership is still the top level of club rugby in Singapore and it aims to ensure that the level of play will develop and foster a wider national team.

Championship (Nov to Mar)

The Championship is the 2nd tier of a model that aims to get more players playing a higher level with a structured pathway. Clubs need not field a team in the Premiership thus the Championship provides clubs a platform to develop before moving onto the top tier (Premiership).

Community League (Sept to Oct)

The Community League is aimed to give everyone a platform to play past the schoolboy structure and is a gradual introduction to club rugby. Players from all schools, including international private schools are encouraged to play in this league and to foster bonds for more to return to playing rugby through the clubs.

Muddy Penny Vets League (Nov to Mar)

While this is not organized by the SRU, this will run parallel to the Premiership and Championship and is aimed to give vets a platform to enjoy the game at a level they best enjoy.