• To provide a professional training environment for our National Players
  • To allow National Players to compete and be successful in international competitions

● Men’s 15s to be in ARC by 2022
● Men’s/Women’s 7s top 6 in Asia by 2021
● Men’s/Women’s Asian Games 2022
● Men’s/Women’s SEA Games 2023 Gold
● Men’s 7s playing in HSBC Singapore 7s by 2024
● To qualify for 2022 YOG

● The coaching group will aim to select up to 40 players to be in this core group
(approximately 25-30 men and 10-15 women – exact numbers will vary according to
● The coaching group will provide a professional strength and conditioning program for the
core group of athletes to maximise their S&C potential and level up with professional
athletes in neighbouring countries.
● The coaching group will skill sessions to upskill athletes to compete in international
● The core group athletes will take back the increased professionalism to their clubs with the
view that they will be seen as roles models in their community and for other club players to
aspire to be in the this core group


  • Establish a National Teams’ vision and values, incorporating standards and protocols that fit within the goals of Singapore Rugby.
  • Ensure there is a shared understanding and adoption of the National Teams’ vision, values, standards and protocols by all Core Player Group and management members
  • Create a professional training culture and inclusive training environment for all National Teams

Technical Ability

  • Coaching of high priority National Teams (women’s 7s, Men’s 7s, Men’s 15s)
  • Establishing coaching team to assist in coaching of high priority National Teams and managing coaching teams for the other National Teams (U18 Men’s 7s, u20 Women’s 7s, u19 Men’s 15s, Women’s 15s)
  • Establishing continued professional development (CPD) for SRU staff, coaches & match officials.
  • Oversee training & education for coaches & match officials.
  • Prepare a comprehensive selection plan, and a periodised coaching programme for the team, with input as necessary from Team Management and Singapore Rugby as appropriate and/or required
  • Fully utilise all available technologies to analyse, understand and develop individuals
  • Remain up to date with modern game development, including new laws and their impact on the game.
  • Financial Budgeting for national teams and high performance programs


  • Prior to programme commencement, provide the Rugby Development and Competitions Departments with a clear statement of coaching philosophy, vision and goals for Core Player Group and update this following selection of individual Team squads to include team profile, game plans, patterns of play
  • Oversee Club Rugby standards through club coaches

Stakeholder relationship management

  • Assist SRU in developing a multi-year sport plan in accordance to requirements of sport Singapore.
  • Identifying and monitoring of players that are in contention for National Teams in accordance with the selection policies, protocols and process as determined and advised by Singapore Rugby
  • Identifying gaps in positions and push requirements to Rugby Development to further develop and recruit players
  • Assist Rugby Development to develop individual players for the betterment of Singapore Rugby
  • Liaising with the major stakeholders of the SRU such as Sport Singapore, Asia Rugby, World Rugby and the local clubs in Singapore on matters relating to high performance rugby.
  • Liaising with international unions and clubs on the development programme between SRU and the international unions and clubs in accordance with the rugby partnership accords signed with SRU.
  • Liaising with SRU head of medical on matters on high performance rugby.
  • Any other tasks and duties relevant to your appointment that may be assigned by the management committee and/or the general manager of the SRU from time to time.


  • Experience at coaching in a professional environment (must be able to coach both 7s and 15s)
  • Experience at talent identification at grassroots levels and identifying players, developing depth chart
  • Experience in working with clubs as feeders National or Provincial Teams
  • Evidence of recently upgraded accreditation, recent attendance at coaching workshops or evidence of other forms of self-education that displays currency as a coach who continues to seek further development
  • Experience at managing assistant coaches and working cooperatively with team managers, strength and conditioning coaches, team medical staff and performance analysis personnel
  • Evidence of understanding of current best practice and a history of performing best practice (preferably recent best practice) as it applies to rugby coaching;
  • Demonstrated evidence of an ability to understand, support and implement development plans
  • Demonstrated evidence of being able to influence others including an ability to build good relationships with others who may not be receptive to change
  • A background that displays people management and people leadership skills and attributes, and the ability to assist in growing rugby from the base and up in Singapore

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support Core Player Group trainings locally.
  • Ensure that Trainings are conducted based on analysis with Player Welfare in mind.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver individual coaching sessions for the squad.
  • Ensure that all sessions are designed to develop the skills and understanding of the players in the squad
  • Evaluate all coaching sessions and games with the coaching team and players
  • Documentation and reporting of players performance
  • Report to Coaching Director and assist with trainings and reports.
  • Assist in identifying and monitoring of players that are in contention for National Teams in accordance with the selection policies, protocols and process as determined and advised by Singapore Rugby


  • To have a minimum World Rugby Level 2 technical certification
  • To have been coaching a club as head coach
  • National Team playing experience
  • National Team/Age group coaching experience

Roles and responsibilities

  • Full performance management of all carded 40 players
  • 12 hours a week of face to face coaching (timings to be dictated by Coaching Director)
  • Max of 3 hours can be rolled over to following week
  • Managed the programme as stated and discussed by the coaching panel and coaching director.
  • Full reporting and analysis to carried out
  • Conduct start, midpoint and end of programme testing and performance reports
  • Personalized S&C programmes for each player run through Train Heroic (current SRU platform)
  • Bi weekly report on squads delivered to SRU coaches on player performance
  • Ongoing ‘live’ interaction with players, coaches’ re-education, performance metrics, attendance etc throughout the programme.


  • MSc in Sports Science or Physiology
  • Min 2 years’ experience in S&C coaching with involvement in Rugby (National Team or Professional Rugby equivalent)
  • World Rugby S&C level 2 certification or equivalent
  • World Rugby Coaching level 2 certification
  • National Team playing experience preferred

Roles and responsibilities

  • Provide leadership to National Team performance programs, work with other Team Managers to manage 7 National Teams
  • Lead the performance review of National Teams
  • Provide leadership to Singapore Rugby’s contracted staff, both centralized and decentralized, and ensure that the High Performance program is serviced by high quality medical support, the necessary strength and conditioning programs and athlete welfare support mechanisms
  • Preparation, implementation and monitoring of development and high performance plans
  • Develop and lead the Player Welfare Program
  • Manage administrative tasks and communication with Sport SG, for funding and carding including and not limited to SpexGlow, SpexTag applications
  • Manage logistics with regards to National Team (field bookings, flights, training and playing gear, food and nutrition, recovery and performance systems)
  • Implement and oversee Performance Analysis and Management systems
  • Prepare reports through use of dashboards to NTC
  • Establish and deliver best practice development and high performance systems for players, coaches, match officials and administrative staff
  • In collaboration with Head Coach, Team Coaches and Managers, prepare and monitor high performance budgets according to SRU priorities as given by NTC
  • Develop effective working relationships with external funding stakeholders, consultants, and Union personnel
  • Assist and support the professional development of all coaching and medical support staff and volunteers operating within the high performance programs
  • Management and education of development and high performance staff ensuring that they contribute to the achievement of overall strategic goals of the organization


  • 5 years’ experience in Team Manager roles at National Team/Age Group
  • Experience in Sport SG High Performance requirements/systems
  • World Rugby Coaching level 2 certification or equivalent
  • National Team playing experience preferred

Roles and responsibilities

  • Documentation and reporting of all core group players’ injury history and status
  • Report to programme coordinator of training and tour with training and tournament report for core group players
  • Liaison with SSI medical Centre and arrangement of necessary medical support for core group players
  • Weekly review of injured players and coordinating with coaches for return to play program for core group players


  • 5 years’ experience in physio roles at National Team/Age Group
  • Experience in Sport SG medical requirements/systems
  • World Rugby Medical level 2 certification
  • Good track record of working with players

There will be 3 gym sessions and 1 field training session weekly in preparation for upcoming campaigns.

In view of the current Covid 19 situation, the training sessions now will be remotely organized and delivered by the Strength & Conditioning team.

From now to June, there will be remote training.

From July onwards the target is to get back into training together in the gym and also on field training sessions.

There will be no international rugby for 2020.

From April to Nov, this will be considered preseason training for National League.

There may be Quarterly testing of athletes if the situation allows.