1.1            Eligibility


Athletes shall be eligible for selection for any of the Singapore Rugby National Teams if they meet the criteria below:

  • Citizenship (for Olympic events (i.e. SEA Games/Asian Games): Athlete must be a national of the Singapore at the time of selection and hold a valid Singapore passport; or
  • Minimum World Rugby standards for participation (for applicable Asia Rugby or World Rugby events): All athletes are subject to the World Rugby Regulation 8 on Eligibility; and
  • Other requirements (if any):
    Athlete must be a member in good standing of SRU and not subject to any disciplinary action or investigation. Athlete must be playing at Premiership level of competition and clock 50% of game time for their team.



1.3       Nominations / Request for Consideration


Unless otherwise directed by SRU, nominations should be made through the athlete’s club/school.

If an athlete wishes to be considered for selection but is unable to participate in the selection events due to extenuating circumstances, he/she may submit a request to be considered through his/her club/school representative (or where he/she is not represented by a club/school, on his/her own) accompanied by all relevant material supporting her request (e.g. videos, testimonials).

The classification of such extenuating circumstances and the selection of such athletes will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Selection Panel.

At any stage in the selection process, the selectors may in their discretion select a person who is not otherwise under consideration. This may occur in circumstances such as illness, newly available athletes or otherwise but in such selections, the selectors will always apply the selection criteria set out in this policy.