The Singapore National Women’s 15s Team for the Asian Women’s 15s 2012 Div II tournament to be hosted by the Philippine Rugby Football Union was announced this afternoon.

As a reflection of the rejuvenation within the Singapore Women’s 15s Team, 7 are new members to the national 15s setup (Besanger, Huan, Lee PQ, Lim LL,Sharpe, Sim, Sng) with another 8 players potentially earning their second caps (Chan J, Chang, Lim C, Chua, Lee YT, Phua, Teo SH, Teo S) over next weekend. Only 7 players remain from the last time Singapore played in an ARFU 15s tournament in 2009 which also doubled as the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2010 Asian Qualifiers against Hong Kong, Japan and Kazakhstan.

As Singapore National Women’s Head Coach, Danny Tauroa, will not be travelling with the team, forwards coach, Simon Etheredge and the Singapore SCNRA Women’s Team coach, Muhammed Zaki will be leading the team up to Manila.

Seeded first in the tournament, Singapore will meet fourth-seed Lao PDR on 14 June 2012 and will be gunning for a spot in the finals on 16 July 2012.  Second-seed Thailand will meet the Philippine Volcanoes on 14 June 2012.

Singapore National Women’s 15s Team for ARFU 15s 2012 Div II

Chloe Besanger (Bedok), Chan Jiayu (Blacks), Vanessa Chang (Blacks), Derelyn Chua (Blacks), Chua Yini (Blacks), Koh Mei Giet (Bedok), Krystle Huan (Blacks), Priscilla Humphries (Blacks), Lee Pei Qi (Blacks), Lee Tao Jing (Blacks), Lee Yi Tian (Blacks), Christabelle Lim (Blacks), Lim Lee Lian (Blacks), Lim Li Yan (Blacks),  Esther Phua (Bedok), Gloria Sharpe (Bedok), Sim Chiew Hong (Blacks), Jacqueline Sng (Blacks), Tan Hui Juan (Blacks), Samantha Teo (Blacks), Teo Siew Huai (Blacks), Wang Shao Ing (Blacks), Wong Yilin (Blacks), Angela Zheng (Bedok)

Coaches:  Simon Etheredge, Muhammed Zaki
Team Manager: Eunice Tay
Sports Trainers: Heng Li Hoong, Tan Geok Mei

Credited by:
Wang Shao Ing