Singapore National Women’s 15 Training Squad announced:
The squad of 28 hopefuls will train for the next 5 weeks and play warm-up games to prepare for the competitive ARFU Women’s Division 2 Championship 2012. A final squad of 24 will travel to Manila from 13 June to 17 June.
After being dropped down into Division 2 by the ARFU committee to make way for China, the team that travels to Manila will compete against teams from Uzbekistan, Philippines and Laos. 
The training squad was selected by the coaching team based on the Singapore Rugby Women’s 15s League 2012, Jan 12 – Mar 12 and the Super 15s League which just ended yesterday. The Super 15s League games featuring the Singapore Academy girls team coached by Muhammad Zaki and composite teams from Bedok Kings, Blacks and Bucks.
Comment from the selectors: “Super League games were a great initiative to develop and increase the standard of women’s rugby in Singapore. It allowed the selectors to see players in a competitive environment that was additional to the recently completed SRU National Women’s Club Championship.”
Annabel Woo (Bedok Kings), Chang Si Ying (Blacks), Chua Yini (Blacks), Gloria Sharp (Bedok Kings), Jacqueline Sng (Blacks), Koh Mei Giet (Bedok Kings), Krystle Huan (Blacks), Lee Peiqi (Blacks), Lee Tao Jing (Blacks), Lee Yi Tian (Bedok Kings), Nur Azurah Bte Mohamed Khalid (Blacks), Priscilla Humphries (Blacks), Teo Siew Huai (Blacks), Vanessa Chang (Blacks), Wang Shao-Ing (Blacks)
Chan Jiayu (Blacks), Chloe Besanger (Bedok Kings), Christabelle Lim (Blacks), Derelyn Chua (Blacks), Esther Phua (Bedok Kings), Lim Liyan (Blacks), Lim Lee Lian (Blacks), Samantha Teo (Blacks), Sim Chiew Hong (Blacks), Tan Hui Juan (Blacks), Wong Yilin (Blacks), Xie Ying (Blacks), Zheng Yiting (Bedok Kings)
Coaching Team
Danny Tauroa
Simon Etheredge
Muhammad Zaki
Management Team
Heng Li Hoong
Tan Geok Mei
Eunice Tay
Bob Liu