Last week HOME@DELTA – 3 of 4, show you information on:

  • Schools around Delta
  • Hotels around Delta
  • Hospitals around Delta

Due to delays in moving (Probably until 3rd week of October 2011), we weren’t able to get the new look for the After Renovation Delta. We will post a separated update once closer to the move again. but as for now here’s what we’ve gathered for the Forth of the four Updates for our HOME@DELTA.

HOME@DELTA – 4 of 4:

Redhill MRT Station
Busstop at Redhill MRT
Sidewalk from Delta to MRT
Top of overhead bridge at Delta
 Overhead bridge at Delta
Delta Main Gate
Redhill  Food Center
Redhill  Food Center


  • Updates to the new look of current Delta (After Renovation)