Plans are developing progressively to move swiftly to our new HOME@DELTA Delta stadium by 1st Oct 2011.

We will be bringing you updates to the lastest news and progressions of our NEW HOME@DELTA Delta Stadium / Swimming Complex.

HOME@DELTA – 1 of 4:

  • First look of the current Home@Delta (Before Renovation)
  • Address & How to go?
  • Schools and Parks around DELTA 

HOME@DELTA – 2 of 4:

  • Food Havens around Delta
  • Entertainments around Delta

HOME@DELTA – 3 of 4:

  • Schools around Delta
  • Hotels around Delta
  • Hospitals around Delta 

HOME@DELTA – 4 of 4:

  • Due to delays in moving (Probably until 3rd week of October 2011), we weren’t able to get the new look for the After Renovation Delta. We will post a separated update (After Renovation – The new look of Home@Delta) once closer to the move again. but as for now here’s what we’ve gathered for the Forth of the four Updates for our HOME@DELTA.