National Teams Head Coach

Job Type




Closing Date

19 Dec 2021




  • Establish a vision and values for the team, standards and protocols that are aligned with the goals of Singapore Rugby Union (SRU)
  • Ensure that there is a shared understanding and adoption of the team vision, values, standards and protocols by all teams and their management
  • Create a strong winning culture and an inclusive training environment for all National Teams

Technical Ability

  • Coaching National Teams with high priority (Women’s 7s, Men’s 7s & 15s)
  • Establishing coaching team to assist in the coaching of high priority National Teams and managing coaching teams for the other National Teams (U20 Men’s 7s, U20 Women’s 7s, U19 Men’s 15s, Women’s 15s)
  • Design and develop the daily training environment (DTE) of National Teams
  • Establishing a continued professional development (CPD) programme for rugby development officers and coaches
  • Prepare a comprehensive selection plan and a periodised coaching programme for the team, with contributions from team management and the relevant Commissions as appropriate and/or required
  • Fully utilise all available technologies to analyse, understand and develop individuals
  • Strategise and develop game plan towards high performance goals to effectively compete
  • Remain up to date with modern game development, including new laws and their impact on the game
  • Preparation of post games / competition report to be shared with SSI


  • Prior to commencement of any programme , to provide the Rugby Development Commission (RDC) and Competitions Commissions (CC) with a clear statement of coaching philosophy, vision and goals for team and update this following selection of final squad to include teamprofile, game plan, patterns of play
  • Monitor and develop club rugby standards and provide guidance of club coaches

Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Assist SRU in developing a multi-year sport plan in accordance to requirements of Sport Singapore
  • Identify and monitor players who are in contention for National Teams in accordance with the selection policies, protocols and process as determined and advised by SRU
  • Partner and collaborate with consultant(s) / consultant coaches on best practices
  • Identify gaps in positions and propose requirements to RDC to further develop and recruit players
  • Assist RDC to develop individual players for the betterment of SRU
  • Liaise with the major stakeholders of the SRU such as Sport Singapore, Asia Rugby, World Rugby and the local clubs in Singapore on matters relating to high performance rugby
  • Liaise with international unions and clubs on the development programme between SRU and the international unions and clubs in accordance with the rugby partnership accords signed with SRU
  • Liaise with SRU Medical Commission on matters on high performance rugby
  • Any other tasks and duties relevant to your appointment that may be assigned by the management committee and/or the general manager of the SRU


  • Attained a World Rugby Level 3 certification or its equivalent and accredited as a National Registry of Coaches (NROC) registered coach
  • Experience at coaching in a semi-professional environment (must be able to coach both 7s and 15s)
  • Experience at talent identification at different levels
  • Experience in working with clubs as feeders into the national teams
  • Evidence of recently upgraded accreditation and continuing education
  • Experience at managing assistant coaches and working cooperatively with team managers, strength and conditioning coaches, team medical staff and performance analysis personnel
  • Evidence of understanding and adoption of current best practice as applied to rugby coaching;
  • Demonstrated evidence of an ability to understand, support and implement development plans
  • Demonstrated evidence of being able to influence and convince others including an ability to build good relationships with others who may not be receptive to change
  • A background that displays people management and leadership skills and the ability to assist in growing the rugby base in Singapore
  • Direct reporting line will be to the SRU’s General Manager
  • Performance appraisals will be done in consultation with the President, Honorary Secretary and the National Teams Commission

Interested applicants to submit coaching CV’s with relevant certificates to by Sun 19 Dec 2021