If you or a person you know has experienced an incident relating to Safeguarding, please contact a member of our Safeguarding Committee by selecting from the list below.  Our Committee Members are trained SportSG Safeguarding Officers and will treat any reports with the utmost confidentiality.

To support you in supplying the appropriate information you may wish to complete the Safeguarding Incident Report Form by clicking the link here.

Alternatively you may also email your concerns to safe_sport@sport.gov.sg 


Kristy Teh

Sports Manager at Overseas Family School

Contact Kristy

Xiuting Chong

Research Assistant at National University of Singapore

Contact Xiuting

Martin Williams

Director & Counsellor at Harmony Counselling

Contact Martin

Overview of Safeguarding Case Management

Report of Concern Received from an Affected Party (or 3rd Party Reporter)
  • A member of the Safeguarding Committee will contact you within 48hours to acknowledge receipt of your report and advise you of the next steps
Preliminary Assessment
  • An initial assessment will be conducted by the Safeguarding Committee to establish the degree of severity.
  • Serious cases may be referred to the Singapore Police Force or Sport Singapore
  • A member of the Safeguarding Committee may conduct a Preliminary Assessment to establish more details on the Report of Concern
  • Temporary Measures may be implemented against a Respondent at this stage
Formal Investigation
  • Should the Preliminary Assessment reveal sufficient evidence of a breach of the SRU Safeguarding Policy, a Formal Investigation will take place.
  • The Formal Investigation will include separate interviews and evidence gathering with all parties involved maintaining a high degree of confidentiality
  • Temporary Measures may be implemented against a Respondent at this stage
  • Following the Formal Investigation, a Hearing will be convened to review the evidence submitted and reach a decision and sanction a Respondent
  • The Respondent will be notified of the outcome of this decision in writing including their rights to appeal