A prominent, influential and respected Union in Asian rugby and Singapore sport.

Mission Statements:

Governance Mission: To provide efficient governance and effective leadership for all Rugby Football activity in Singapore

Key Goals:
To develop an organization that is dynamic, forward thinking and highly respected
To achieve all goals and meet all deadlines both within and outside the organization
To improve our ability to produce financial information
To have staff who are highly motivated and achievement driven

Business Development Mission: To promote, develop and fund growth in facilities, playing standards and participation and provide excellent service and value for money for all partners and stakeholders

Key Goals:
To transform our image and operations
To gain the respect of the corporate community
To have a quality facility recognized as the hub of Singapore rugby
To retain existing sponsors and create significant growth in new sponsor interest

High Performance Mission: To provide a competition structure and player, coach and referee development programmes for both sevens and fifteen a side rugby which will improve playing standards and international results and standing

Key Goals:
To adopt professional standards and provide continuity in coaching and selection of National teams
To produce a development process and competitive structure that exposes players to higher standards of performance
To work with clubs in raising standards of performance and integrating young players into Premiership rugby

Participation Mission: To optimize accessibility and increase participation in modified and contact rugby through development programmes for players, teachers and coaches

Key Goals:
To produce a structure within school competition programmes which reflects players needs
To improve standards of both players and coaching within schools
To target new schools which will feed into existing rugby playing schools
To facilitate transition between schools to club participation