Group Photo of Participants and faculty on the course.

The WR L2 ICIR course is designed to prepare health care professionals to respond to pitch side emergencies in rugby and other sports. We had faculty members from across the causeway in Malaysia helping on the course as part of a co-operative amongst rugby medical practitioners in South East Asia.

Our last level 2 course for 2017 comprised of doctors from Orthopaedics and sports disciplines, ambulance paramedics, and physiotherapists and sports trainers from the rugby community as well as the Football Association of Singapore.

In the course there are discussion sessions as well as practical sessions that culminates in a simulation and written test. The course is interactive and very hands on in an effort to better prepare pitch side medics to respond to emergencies.

WR Medical trainer Declan Halpin leads a discussion session on Musculoskeletal injuries.

Managing emergency airway problems with advanced techniques.

Managing Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries.

Spinal Management