This month we look forward to a busy few weeks of top quality rugby, with the 69th edition of the SCC 7’s taking place from Friday 4th to 6th November 2016.  Also in this edition, some guidelines on completing red and yellow card report forms and updates from within the society.


Match Officials announced for SCC Sevens 2016

Congratulations to all the referees selected for the various roles at this year’s SCC 7’s.  This year we welcome back Charlie Brown, Pierre Balthazar and Just Wang.  Also, after being given several games at the 2016 event, and on the back of impressive performances at the recent Asia Sevens Series, we welcome our own Eunice Tay as one of the main referees for the competition.  From further afield, we will be welcoming Norman Drake from U.A.E, Simon Moore from ARU, and Matt Rodden from Hong Kong.

On the sidelines, we will have SSRUR President, Azhar Yusof as Referee Manager.  The CMO panel will be made up by Azhar, Paul McKay, Chris Galea and Dave Smith.  Mike Taylor takes the lead role as Technical Zone manager.   We also welcome returning 4th officials, Jon Nuttall and Kim Short. Please see below for the full list of local appointments for the tournament.  This is our highest level tournament in the lead up to the World Series Sevens in April 2017.  We are confident that we will see many of these names appointed to the World Series tournament in 2017.


Completing Red/Yellow Card forms

As the Championship and Premiership seasons approach, the Society would like to highlight the importance of completing Red and Yellow Card reports accurately.  The primary object of any report is to provide an accurate factual record of what took place.  It should not be opinionated.  It should provide the player and the Disciplinary Panel with a clear and accurate picture of the facts leading up to, during and post incident.  Please see below for information on the process for completing a Red/Yellow Card report form.

The form

All Red & Yellow card forms are available in the Referee Resources section of the SRU website.  Please follow this link to be directed to the relevant section.

Match details and player information

Please ensure that the team & player information is completed correctly at the top of the form.  Please note that the player number on his jersey does not always correspond to the number on the team sheet.  It is the referees’ responsibility to confirm this with the MDC at the end of the match.

Reason and Law Section

Firstly, state the law that you have applied for the Red or Yellow card.

When providing additional information, please bear in mind that the report must supply the Disciplinary Committee with a clear picture of what took place.  You should consider:

  • What led up to the incident
  • What happened during the incident
  • What happened after the incident
  • How far away you were and if your view was obstructed

In these instances, you are acting as the main witness to the incident and as such the clarity of your information is vital.  Please avoid using phrases such as “I thought I saw Red 9 punch..”, etc.  You must be sure of what you observed.

Other observers

If AR’s are appointed, please state their input (if any).  Please note that the AR should also complete a report if they have made such recommendations.

Submitting the report

The report should be submitted within 24hrs of the incident taking place.  Please send your report to both Malcolm David and the Referee Manager.

Malcolm David-

Charlie Brown-

And in other news…


Congratulations to Marah Fahmy who has been selected to referee the final of the Community League on Saturday 22nd October.  One of Singapore Rugby Referee’s upcoming superstars of the future.