SRU National League and SRU Challenge Cup are back after the christmas break! 6 Premiership Teams including the debut of Singapore Select will compete in the top domestic league starting tomorrow. With the Asia Rugby Championship just round the corner, these tournaments are crucial to the selection of players into the Singapore National Squad.

The National League and Challenge Cup tournament are boosted with a new sponsor – World First. World First is an UK-based foreign exchange company that has offices in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Both competition has been renamed to “World First Premiership” and “World First Challenge Cup”.

Fixtures are as follows:

World First Premiership

SCC                          v     BEDOK KINGS 1 XV       PADANG              3PM
BUCKS 1 XV           v     WANDERERS                   TURF CITY A      5PM
SAINTS                    v     S’PORE SELECT TEAM  TURF CITY A     7PM   

World First Challenge Cup

SCC GROWLERS    v    BUCKS 2XV                     TURF CITY B    1PM
WANDERERS 2XV v    SCC LIONS                       TURF CITY B    3PM
OLDHAM                 v   WANDERERS 3XV           TURF CITY B    5PM
SCC TANKARDS    v   BEDOK KINGS 2XV         PADANG           1PM

The SRU National Women’s League and Women’s Development League will also feature this weekend. 

SRU National Women’s League
NTU                        v      BLACKS           TURF CITY A     1.30PM
SKYLLAS              v      BUCKS              TURF CITYA      3.30PM

Women’s Development League 

BLACKS 1             v      NTU/NUS          TURF CITY A     1PM
SKYLLAS 1           v      SKYLLAS 2      TURF CITY A      3PM