Women’s National 15’s Team

Women’s rugby has grown since it was first introduced in Singapore in 1996. Participation was originally at a non-contact level in the form of touch rugby however women’s rugby in Singapore has since progressed towards the full fifteen a side version of the game. A National Women’s team was formed in 1997 and were participants in the 1997 Hong Kong Women’s Invitational Sevens. 1998 saw the ladies emerging as joint champions at the Haadyai Sevens. Ranked at the bottom of 12 teams in 1997, the Women’s team has made great strides in the game in just a few years. The team was ranked 2nd and 3rd in Asia in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The National Women’s Team was also awarded the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) Team Merit Status Award for their performance in 2004. This is first award by the SNOC that the SRU has achieved since the 1970s.

Women’s National 7’s Team

The National 7s Team competes regularly throughout Asia including the annual ARFU Women’s 7s and the prestigious Hong Kong Women’s 7s where the best performance was winning the Plate Competition in 2004. At the 2007 SEA Games the squad were worthy Silver medal winners.