Scrum Clinic For Polytechnic-ITE 2014

Standard Chartered National Rugby Academy and Singapore Rugby Union have been conducting Scrum Clinics for the Polytechnic and ITE institutions over the past few weeks; in preparation for the POL-ITE Games in late October.

CCE, Rugby Masters Clinic

Date: 3rd October SRU Office 7pm to 9pm

Contents: 1. Scrum 2. Lineout 3. Kick-off, 4. Maul “bring back the Maul” 5. Ruck 6. Tackle

Educator: Inoke Afeaki

Please email to or

Dateline: 22nd September

Fees: Free of charge

Singapore Plate Winners For Governor's Cup

Singapore coming back Plate winners from Governor's Cup in Sabah, winning  Philippines 47-0.

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